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Time Managment


TIME: the thing I manage the worst! Hah!
I have always been one that’s terrible at managing my time. I get distracted very easily during a task and I’m almost always late to events ( besides flying for some reason!) So in effect my business as a Beachbody Coach has suffered. Well NO MORE!

After listening from some INCREDIBLE audio by Craig Holiday I realized that it’s time for some baby steps in time Managment. By changing a few things every couple weeks I will eventually become fully organized with my time allowing me to CHANGE MORE LIVES and HELP more people. Suweeet!

So how am I gonna do this death defying transition? Well here’s what it’ll look like:
Week 1: Schedule in my work hours Monday-Friday and the tasks needed to be done in that time
Week 2: Organize my computer and file ALL the random posts, docs, & pics into easily accessible folders.
Week 3: Overview my current agenda and find what’s working & what isn’t. Adjust accordingly.

So today starts day 1:
I slept in by an hour waking up with my phone in hand! I guess the alarm had gone off, I grabbed the phone from the desk and then went back to sleep with it! Mental note: Get REAL alarm clock! I was super rushed to respond to my 12 Weeks To Elite Challenge groups members posts and run out the door to my doctors appointment. BUT I was 5 minutes early to my appointment! Nice! I have work and a task list planned till 2pm followed by Volley Ball till 5pm. I also scheduled more work tasks from 6-10pm. From 10-11 I have music time for myself and then off to bed.

This is a TOTAL life change for me. It tends to go against my natural instincts to schedule my life but I’m super EXCITED to see the results. Life is all about BALANCE right?!

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