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An Aerobics Class In Your Living Room!


Dude the workout this morning was intense! But nothing’s is more fun than working out with friends! They’re there to PUSH you to your MAX, not to mention complain with you the whole way too! But we seriously had a blast this morning! We even had fun taking a pic of why we workout…. “Cause we wanna look Gewd!”

We did Insanity pure cardio. They should seriously swap that tittle to Pure Insanity because that’s what it was! In this workout you don’t take any breaks unless you need them. Of course working out with friends you tend to want to push as hard as your friends and so begins the competition of who can stand the pain longer?

The cool thing about having my friends and my mom there to workout with me is that it’s better than any other place to do it! Think about it! It’s basically like hosting an aerobics class right in your very own living room! Plus unlike a gym you can chat back and forth to push each other further!

Ya we had a blast! Finished off the workout with a great stretch and blended up shakeology to finish our morning right. Man I feel like a champ now!

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