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Choose the Best Workout Program

insanity-p90xBest Workout

There are TONS of workout options…so which one is right for YOU?!

I always ask myself one question when Im looking for the best workout to help me decide.

“Are you Excited?”

If you feel that blood RUSHING, Heart pumping, can’t wait to get STARTED feel then THAT is the BEST workout program for you!

Don’t feel it? ….Don’t Get It!

You want to feel like you can’t wait another minute till it arrives at your doorstep!

I remember that feeling with my workout program! When it got delivered to my door it felt like Christmas when I was a kid!


Here’s some of my top choices for workout programs:


INSANITY: the most extreme, most difficult, and most rewarding workout you will EVER try. No joke. Melt away fat, build a lean, hard body, and supercharge your energy.


LES MILLS COMBAT: Carve a lean, chiseled body in just 60 days with this fearsomely intense, utterly exhilarating, mixed martial arts-driven workout.


LES MILLS PUMP: Work out just 3 times a week to get world-class results. This barbell-based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program uses lighter weights at a higher rate of repetition to help you burn more fat and build muscle without bulking you up.


P90X: This is the one you’ve heard about! 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts is designed to transform your body in just 90 days. You won’t believe your results!


TURBOFIRE: The Best Trainer. The Best Music.Burn up to 9x more fat and calories as traditional cardio with intense cardio conditioning program, featuring High Impact Interval Training (HIIT)


10 MINUTE TRAINER: Think you don’t have time to get fit? Think again!  Super Stacking Technique™ is like multitasking for your muscles. Give him 10 minutes, he’ll give you results.


BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT: This program works your butt from multiple angles with Leandro’s proven TriAngle Training method to reduce your hips, slim your thighs, and lift your butt.






REVABS: This innovative ab-focused workout is specifically designed to burn off the fat and give you rock-hard results in just 90 days.


TURBO JAM: Fun combination of dance, kickboxing, and body-sculpting. Blast away pounds and inches, build great abs, and create the body you’ve always wanted.



CHALEAN EXTREME: Muscle burns fat®! This 3-phase plan will build lean (not bulky) muscle, ignite your metabolism, and have you burning fat long after your workout—even while you sleep.






BODY BEAST: Pack on up to 20 pounds of muscle in just 90 days. With this complete system designed to build a massive physique.

So which one got you EXCITED to start!?

THAT’S the best workout for you!


Want to take it even a STEP FURTHER to get





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