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Billy Bad Ass Kickboxing


You heard it RIGHT! This class is BAD ASS and that truthfully was unexpected! it all started when my friend Billy invited me to his Bad Ass Kickboxing class and being a good friend I agreed. Now mind you I have been to more kickboxing class than I can count and I also did a full round of Turbo Fire, so I was expecting to get my heart rate up if I’m lucky! Man was I wrong!!

I got my ass handed to me! Billy’s class was super high intensity kickboxing combined with plyometrics and a little floor work. Not to mention the fact that it was a BLAST! I had so much fun laughing and yelling throughout the class. Billys positive high energy is super contagious. It would be hard to not have a great time!

So how does this work into my Les Mills Body Pump Program? Well actually it fits PERFECTLY! You see Les Mills Pump requires three days a week pump workout at home and three days 45 min cardio outside. With Billy Bad Ass Kickboxing every Monday Wednesday all that’s left is the one day a week I take my little wiener dog Vienna for a jog on the beach <3 So if you're a local you NEED to make it to Billy Bad Ass Kickboxing Monday Wednesday. I’ll be there for sure!


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