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Insanity Day 51 Progress

Insanity Day 51: Wow I seriously didn’t want to workout today yet again! I think I might be getting tired of the workout. Glad ill be switching to Focus T25 at the end of this month! It seriously couldn’t have come at a better time! It’s been hard getting back on team after falling off […]

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Insanity Workout Results

Insanity Workout Results Day 30 Pictures & LIVE Review

Insanity Workout Results – Day 30 So here they are! My Insanity workout results for days 1-30! This has seriously been a LONG road for me! I truly feel like this past year has been the biggest struggle for me to lose weight than ever before! Actually almost so hard of a struggle that I considered not […]

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Focus T25 Vs Insanity

Focus T25 vs Insanity

Focus T25 vs Insanity Insanity has been one of the top selling workout programs in the United States simply because IT WORKS! So when it comes to Focus T25 vs Insanity what’s the difference? Luckily I took the time to go over the details and get the comparison you’ve been looking for. Now granted both of […]

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Insanity Day 14 Pure Cardio

Day 14 – INSANITY Pure Cardio

Insanity Day 14 Check in: Just finished day 14 round 2 of Insanity with my mom. She’s seriously kicking butt! I’m just so proud of her. It’s wonderful to know that I’m influencing her in such a positive way. The majority of her side of the family are obese or morbidly obese. We kinda grew […]

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Focus T25 Workout

Focus T25 Workout – Better Than Insanity!

Is the Focus T25 Workout The New Insanity Workout? Beachbody has done it yet again with the Focus T25 workout! They first brought us Insanity. The crazy hard workout that made you almost want to quit within just the warmup, but afterwards you feel like a champion like never before. Once you got past that […]

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An Aerobics Class In Your Living Room!

Dude the workout this morning was intense! But nothing’s is more fun than working out with friends! They’re there to PUSH you to your MAX, not to mention complain with you the whole way too! But we seriously had a blast this morning! We even had fun taking a pic of why we workout…. “Cause […]

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At Home Workout

Workout In Your Undies

I had a blast this morning working out to Insanity! Got my sweat on and pushed myself to the MAX to start off my day! Seriously though the absolute best part of working out at home is that I get to workout in my undies. Oh yea! Can you really beat the fact that I […]

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