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Change in Plans! I’m going Primal!

I got fat?! Really? How is this possible?!
Ok so those of you that have been following my nutrition plan and blog know that I have been using the nutritional guide from INSANITY. I was seriously following it 100% exactly as explained, clocking it in and being perfect on it. Now this is hard for me to do! I’m not one to be perfect on any nutrition plan but this time I was. So how after almost a month I had gained almost TWO DRESS SIZES!! Nooooo!

Ok so I picked up the phone ( or more like facebooked) the nutritionist in my company to answer my questions. How was I gaining weight when I was doing as it said? How is everyone else getting so skinny and fit? Grrr!! The answer I got was that MY body doesn’t do well with carbohydrates regardless of weather they are empty or complex. I just doesnt process it well at all. So instead of my body using it for energy it stored it. Ohhhh! Now I get it!

So if my body doesn’t do well with the INSANITY nutrition then what the heck do I do now?! As I asked around it seemed like all hands pointed to Primal diet.

What is the Primal Diet? The Primal Diet focuses on setting your nutrition back to how it was back during our primal era.

Rules of primal:
EAT: Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, & Nuts
DON’T EAT: Grain, Legumes, minimal dairy, preservatives, additives and junk in packages

The cool part is there’s NO counting calories, no timing out food. Just eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Simple.

So over the next 21 Days I will be doing a Primal Reset. I’ll keep you all updated with my progress, recipes and opinions.


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