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Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Clean Eating :

When it comes to nutrition clean eating may be just the solution for you. Look you can work your cute little catoosh to the bone. Running, lifting weights, spinning class, Insanity, whatever it may be, you will be building the muscles in your body which is great. You’ll be creating better cardio and you’re body will be healthier than it would be without doing it in the first place, but you wont SEE it! No point in working so darn hard for that six pack if it’s hidden under 2 inches of fat! The only way you will be able to see and truly enjoy the benefits of your hard work is through your nutrition. Note: I’m about to tell you all about the Clean Eating plan, but that doesn’t mean its the right diet plan for you! Each body is different, but Clean Eating is one of two plans that I find gets the best results with my clients.

What Is Clean Eating ?

Clean eating is a way of eating that is based off of focusing on the source of your foods. The old way of eating before the time of the microwave and the drive through restaurants. You get your body all the nutrients it needs to build a happy and healthy structure through the plant foods you feed it. Eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, nuts, low fat dairy and whole wheat/whole grains is the main rules of clean eating. This may seems very simple at first but you will find that most people don’t eat like this already. What this means is you actually have to buy produce, wash it, cut it and cook it for almost every meal. This alone may feel like a HUGE time consumer and a totally different life style than what most people are used to. All your protein sources must be lean. This includes lean chicken, fish, lean beef, soy, beans, and lean dairy. Also the grains that you eat now must be whole grain or whole wheat. With these changes at first it may seem daunting, but once you adjust you will find clean eating becomes second nature.

My best suggestion to those that are new to clean eating is to think of what you would normally eat and then tweak it a bit. Let’s take for example a sandwich. Normally you have a ham sandwich with cheddar cheese, mayo, mustard and lettuce on sourdough bread. Now lets apply clean eating changes to that. You now have a lean ham sandwich with low fat cheddar cheese, light olive oil mayo, mustard, onions, lettuce, pickles, and bell peppers on 100% whole grain  bread. Ta Dah! You’ve cleaned up your sandwich to give your body many many more nutrients! Was that really that hard to do? …no. This of course isn’t as clean as you could be. To take it one step further you can swap out the bread for a lettuce wrap or add all the ingredients into an egg white omelet. But if you are just starting out with clean eating then just some simple swap outs is a great way to start you on the right track.

Clean Eating : Chili Cheese Dog Recipe 


Clean Eating

AVOID These When Clean Eating !

What To AVOID When Clean Eating :

When focusing so much on greens, fruits and lean protein it can be pretty obvious what foods to avoid when clean eating , but I want to go over them anyways just to make sure you don’t miss any of them! We have a saying with clean eating that goes: “If it comes from a plant, eat it. If it’s made in a plant, leave it!”   This quote pretty much sums it up! SO yea you guessed it! With clean eating you no longer eat processed and packaged foods. That means no more microwavable dinners, packaged donuts, chips, canned fruit, or drive through foods. If you can’t pronounce what the ingredients are then you shouldn’t put it in your body. In fact the fewer the ingredients the better! I’m sorry to say but this does mean you need to start reading the labels. Try your best to cook more and make what you may have previously bought in a package, now you make from scratch. So warm up the over, sharpen your knives and bring out the measuring cups because you’re about to start your clean eating plan! 

See What I Have In My Clean Eating Kitchen:

Like I had said previously, I can’t tell you that this is the right diet plan for you. Each body is different and it’s up to you to know for sure. But what I can tell you is that clean eating is a healthy way of eating. It’s for sure a HUGE step up from donuts, fast food and chips! Just take baby steps. Be patient and know that you are going in the right direction with your health. I wish you the best and comment below if you have any questions or concerns. I’m happy to help!



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