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Daily Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Daily Weight Loss Mistakes

It’s truly a day by day battle when it comes to weight loss. If you think about it… your days build your weeks, your weeks build your months and your months build your years. In other words what you accomplish each day is what will create that weight loss you want to see in the future. The problem is you may be making some very common mistakes daily that are holding you back from the results you deserve in the future. These stupid simple mistakes are just that..stupid simple, that often times they’re over looked! You may think you’re 100% on track, but in reality your little slip ups are collecting and building that wall between you and your fit body! But don’t worry, because in the battle of weight loss you now have ME in your court! Whoop whoop!

Not Being Prepared – most common daily weight loss mistake I see happen!

Look we all have crazy hectic busy lives beyond worrying about weight loss! When it comes to balancing our children’s sports and school with our husband’s crazy agenda and of course your full time job…oh and did I mention the in laws are in town again?! AAaaaaa! Yes life is just simply ALWAYS going to throw something your way that wasn’t on the agenda when you woke! You day quickly becomes a jumbled mess till you plop down at the end of the day and wonder where all the time went?

So if we can barely handle what’s on our plate already, why do we think we can stay on track with our weight loss WITHOUT planning it. Obviously the days of “oh I’ll just pick up something healthy” fly out the window when you’re running fifteen minutes late and all that seems to be open is a collage of fast food restaurants! The only way to lose weight is to eat clean and healthy! Yes getting prepared in advance will take some self dicipline, but it will be well worth it in the long run. By planning and packing your food the night before, you’ll have the power to know exactly what you need to eat and how much. It’s flawless instand gratification the next day. Even in the chaos of your day you KNWO you’re at least staying on track with your weight loss. So get prepared! Make tupperware your new best friend. Pack your all your snacks and meals into pretty little containers the night before and youll find that even in the absolute record breaking insane days you will still be steadily moving towards your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss – Tupperware

 Skipping Meals – dramatically SLOWS your weight loss momentum!

How many times have you gone through your day, got hungry and since you we’re prepared with food you decided to just not eat, thinking this will make your weight loss increase?! WRONG! Think of your body as this amazing machine that’s main goal is to survive. When you skip a meal a few things happen. First off you stay hungry, but you don’t eat. You’re telling your body that there isn’t food available to eat and in response it starts STORING what fat it does have to make sure you don’t starve. It’s like the bears that hybernate in the winter. Your body is now preparing to not eat for a while. In order for your body to do this it slows down your metabolism. Ever feel like even after you finally eat something that you now have NO energy? Yep that’s your metabolism just moving super slow. The cool thing is that YOU have the power to make it do the opposite and start turbo charging your weight loss !

( More Meal Ideas: CLICK HERE )

When you eat 5-6 small meals a day you are tuning your body for weight loss. Where before when you would skip a meal your body would slow down and start storing, now when you eat every three to four hours you are turbo charging your body to burn it off, because it knows it will eat again very soon! I know that this sounds like a whole lotts eating but remember each meal shouldn’t be any bigger than two fists put together. When you plan out your meals with the proper nutrition, portions,and tupperware then your eating because a simple grab-n-go type weight loss fiesta!

 Not Drinking Enough Water – can be the cause for bloating and preventing your from weight loss .

Man if I had a dollar for every client of mine that claimed they drank about a gallon of water a day I would be RICH! The majority of your body consists of water. So when it comes to weight loss it only makes sense to drink lots of water every day right?! You should be drinkign around half your body weight in ounces of what a day. That means if you weigh 200 pounds then you should be drinking around 100 ounces of water a day. I personally focus on a gallon a day of water to maintain and control my weight loss. Even if you think you drink a gallon of water a day you should still be keeping track. That’s why I suggest doing the Gallon Challenge. The gallong challenge is very simple. You carry around a one gallon jug with you everwhere all day and try to drink it all in one day. Most people who think they already drink a gallon a day are very surprised to find out theyre not! Take the challenge I dare you!

These are only a few of the daily mistake you commonly make that are sabotaging your weight loss results! But they’re worth nothing if you do nothing! Get prepared. Start packing and drink up, because if it’s weight loss that you’re after then these tips are going to get you moving towards it.


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