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Damn You TOE!!!

Today is my day two of my 90 day challenge using P90x/Insanity Hybrid. I woke up with the knowledge that I had to tackle P90X Chest & Back and from previous experience I was dreading it a bit. That S&$T is hard!!! I had done P90X in the past. It was the ticket to my amazing transformation to beautiful moi, so I knew this time around it had to be stepped up. I had to complete the ENTIRE hour of pull-up and pushups!

As I started my first pushup I realized that I had lost a whole heck of a lot of muscle in my back and arms from doing just straight cardio of Turbo Fire. Not to knock Turbo Fire down. That booty shaking shook off a whole lotta weight, but I also hadn’t been lifting weight as much as P90X. SO sadly today I had to do all of the pushups on my knees and all the pull-up with a chair. BUT I DID THE WHOLE HOUR! That was something that took me till the third month of P90X to get which means hey Im not too bad!

OK so now you must be asking ” Uh what does this have to do with a toe?!” Well thats what happened next….let’s start with last saturday.

I was celebrating my challenger Vic Diaz’s 90th day of the 90 Day Challenge and his FOURTY FIVE pound weight loss! Way to get it Vic!! As a celebration event we had decided to do the Irvine Mud Run. Its a 3.5 mile run through tires, under nets, over hurtles and walls, through water, and yes you guessed it….through MUD! It was a BLAST!! We were seriously covered head to toe ( yea I said it TOE) with mud! Everything was going great and we were just two large mud puddles away from finishing when it happened. I had got confident with myself and the ole’ “Psh I Got This!” thought ran through my mind as I ran down the hill into the second puddle…..then BAM! I tripped on a rock and landed face first, eyes wide open ( and mouth ew!) into the muddy water! NASTY!!

SO other than the fact that I now had a whole lot of crap in my contacts and a sore toe from jamming it into the rock I was fine…..or so I thought.

Fast forward to today. The jammed toe had in the past few days gotten red, sore and puffy. It made my workout with P90X slightly difficult, but I knew I wouldn’t make it through the jumping of Insanity tomorrow, so off to the doc to get antibiotics and a lollipop. ( Oooh Lollipop!) ….Uh yea that didn’t happen quite so smoothly.

I thought I would walk out with some stickers and a lollipop but instead I left with a $300 bill and half a toe nail!! Yes just half! They’re holding it for random some till I pay my bill! Hah no actually the little jamming of my toe split my toenail a bit and turned into an ingrown toe nail. That then got infected from the mud and dirt I had been in that day. So sadly they had to remove half my toenail. ( I hope you’re not eaten while reading this.)

My toe now is bandaged up. I have to take two Vikaden a day to help with the pain and stay away from intense exercise for the next couple days. “BUT WHAT ABOUT MY 90 DAY CHALLENGE?!?!” I screamed! Nooooooo!

Alright so due the turn of events I have had to change a few things for the next couple days with my P90X/Insanity Hybrid Challenge. Heres the new plan:

1) Change from Insanity to Tai Chang but still keep P90X since I have Shoulders & Arms coming next. By then it will be three days and I should be able to jump back to Insanity…hopefully.
2) I need to carefully plan my carbs for the day since I need carbs when taking Vikaden or I will get nautilus. SO I will schedule out my largest carb amounts in the morning and early afternoon with my pills. I will also track my calorie burn with Tai Chang to see what may need to be changed since know I won’t be burning as much calories as I do with Insanity.

This Girl Is NOT, I repeat, NOT QUITTING. In like there are always things that come up to stop you from progressing. (hopefully none of you lose a toenail too) But you have to prevail. There is NEVER a “right time” theres only right now. And right now this girl is PUSHING PLAY!

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