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Day 14 – INSANITY Pure Cardio


Insanity Day 14
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Just finished day 14 round 2 of Insanity with my mom. She’s seriously kicking butt! I’m just so proud of her. It’s wonderful to know that I’m influencing her in such a positive way. The majority of her side of the family are obese or morbidly obese. We kinda grew up with the biscuits n gravy with eggs fried in bacon grease type breakfasts so you can see how it happens! I’m just happy to see her making healthier food choices, working out with me and drinking shakeology. She’s already lost so much weight! Just wonderful to see her lose it the right way for once instead of those pop-a-pill bull crap solutions. Just plain old eat clean, train mean and get lean!

As for me I was fricken dying today!! Man I’m sore! It’s such a trip to finally go about this the right way with Clean Eating instead of eating whatever I want. I’m seeing the results so much faster and that just reinforces my motivation to push harder! Kinda weird because I felt like whenever I had to take a break it was simply because my muscles were giving out. It wasn’t because I was out of breath! My cardio must be out the roof! Hah!

Stoked tomorrows a rest day. Yeyea! It’ll be nice to give my muscles a break! I’ll be posting 2 week results photos and workout review videos Monday so be on the lookout and subscribe.

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