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Day One Of P90X/Insanity Hybrid

Today is a huge day for me Many of you know that I have lost a lot of weight from Power 90 and P90X. I continued to maintain that weight by shaken my booth to Turbo Fire, but didn’t focus on my nutrition 100%. I may be a coach, but Im also human so when a girl like me goes to the Bahamas for a week you better believe she eats and drinks…and drinks some more of what ever she wants! Well that came to show up on my body and sadly I gained weight. Was the one week in the Bahamas the only time…no. I’ll admit I had been taking it easy.

So one day at the Bahamas surrounded by my fellow coaches, a few cocktails, and beautiful blue waters we made a pact. ( no we didn’t become blood brothers or anything crazy hah!) We swore that on APril 2nd we would no longer cruise through our fitness, but we would dig deeper! We had all been focusing so much on our 90 Day Challengers and their success with health and fitness that we had let our own fitness go to the back burner. WELL NO MORE! We all swore we would chose an EXTREME program and strict diet for the next 90 days till Summit when all the Beachbody Coaches come together in Las Vegas. We would cut the fat, trim down to the leanest and sport our stuff in Sin City!

I knew that coming off of Turbo Fire my cardio was already very high and in order to take it to the next level I would have to go INSANITY! Ya I’m crazy I know! But to make it the supreme of workouts I decided to do a P90X/INSANITY Hybrid! Thats where you alternate days doing the cardio of Insanity one day and the weights of P90X the next…holy molly!!!!

I bought the program INSANITY, I already had P90X, and I cleaned out my fridge to start my first round of 50/20/30 Nutrition. (Ill get more into details about that nutrition plan in later posts.) SO I WAS READY!!

Keep posted to hear about this journey of my 90 Day Challenge Transformation!!……

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