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Diet Plans – Pick The Perfect Plan For YOU!

Diet Plans

Diet Plans

Review Of Common Diet Plans

Sometimes it may seem like the options for  diet plans are just endless! There’s Paleo, Clean eating, HCG, eating for your blood type, juicing, Atkins, Southbeach… the list goes on and on. But the question of ” which of the diet plans are best for me” comes up a lot with my clients, so I though I would take some time to go over my top choices of diet plans. Note that this is my personal opinion! I know that people can get very touchy when it comes to “their” diet and I would love to see the comment below, but please remember that each body is different.These are the diet plans that  have worked best for myself and my clients.

Diet Plans

Diet Plans

Paleo Diet Plans

Out of all the diet plans I have gone over, experimented with and even failed, I feel like the Paleo diet plan is the plan that I always go back to. My body just feels better and lighter. My clients tend to see the pounds just fly off and are at the same time totally satisfied with the food choices. Paleo is based off of the same ideas of clean eating, but with some differences. Your main food group is Meat and Healthy Fats. Secondary is vegetables and nuts and lastly is fruits. Grains, wheat, beans, processed foods, and sugar are not allowed. Paleo, of all the diet plans, has some of the most delicious meals including coconut fried chicken, sweet potato fries, steak and eggs and many other “comfort style” foods to enjoy. You body will boost it’s metabolism and start attaking the fat for fuel. It’s very similar to a low carb diet however the focus is more on vegitables and not just running away from carbohydrates. You can have dairy on occasion, but it’s suggested to be whole fat and not low fat. You also get the occasional enjoyment of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine while still staying on track.  For some that alone is the deal maker! Tropical Vegan Shakeology is also Paleo friendly for those that want something refreshing, fruity and easy to blend and a break from the heavy protein filled meal all without spiking their glucose levels. However  for others the idea of no longer eating grains, wheat, or beans may be too much and those that are high cardio active will need to incorporate more carbs into their diet just before a workout to make sure the body can last. For those people Clean Eating may be the better fit of the diet plans.

Diet Plans

Diet Plans

Clean Eating Diet Plans

If you are a bread lover and the idea of doing away with all breads, grains and beans for the Paleo diet is just too scary then Clean Eating is probably the better choice of the diet plans for you. Unlike the paleo diet where you can have fat, in the clean eating diet you focus more on lean protein and stear clear of fats. Meaning there is no more bacon, pork sausage, beef, and other fatty foods. There’s more chicken breast, tofu, beans and other lean sources of protein. Nuts are allowed in moderation and almonds are the nut of choice, not macademia nuts like in Paleo.. You can also have dairy, but it has to be low fat or fat free.  Shakeology is also clean eating friendly and a great source of nutrients or even a meal replacement! Clean eating is a great diet plan for those that are highly active and need the extra carbohydrates to get them throughout their day. Whole grain and whole wheat carbs are allowed, however a big mistake that I see commonly happen within clients who are clean eating is they tend to carb overload. This is when they eat too many carbohydrates ( bread, cereal, pasta..) it spikes the glucose levels and slows the metabolism. 🙁 Also there is an emphasis on water consumption in clean eating. You’re asked to drink around a gallon of water a day. This is not concerned with Paleo though truthfully I think it should be! 


Which of These Diet Plans Is Right For You?

When it comes to figuring out which of these diet plans is the right one for you there is really only one way to know for sure…..TRY IT! Like I said in the beginning, each body is different. I personally have tried Clean Eating and found that the carbohydrates just don’t digest as well with my body. I would tend to bloat and my weight lost was none existent. So I switched to Paleo and my bloating immediatly went down, my body started shredding the weight fast, but my energy levels during a workout was at an all time LOW! I went back and forth between the two diet plans until I realised that I simply needed to tweek my eating to fit ME! duh!  I stayed with Paleo and started adding in Results & Recovery drink during my workout to give my body the extra carbs it needed to burn through the intense workout I get from Insanity. This worked perfect! I got through my INSANE workouts with sweat poring, muscles aching, but enough energy left to get through the rest of my day without crashing. I had found the answer to the question of diet plans, because I had listened to my body.

What diet plan are YOU on? Comment below on your personal experience. I’d love to hear your opinion.



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  1. I found this article to be really helpful! I especially love that you explain how you found the right diet for you! Listening to your body is so important! Thanks Coach!

    • Heya Denise! How ya doing sweety?! Hows progress? Ya when it comes to diet plans each body is so different. You even change as you get older. I found that I needed way more carbs when I was younger than what I need now and I exercise more than ever! Just try it out for 30 days and see what happens. Thats the best way I think. ….thanks for reading and commenting btw 🙂


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