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Focus T25 Nutrition | What To Eat?!

Focus T25 Nutrition Guide:


Focus T25 Nutrition

Focus T25 Nutrition

I know you’ve heard it many many times before that what you eat matters. Well I’m here to tell you that YES it does matter! 85% of your results come from your nutrition. EIGHTY FIVE! I like to put it to my clients that if they could choose to workout OR eat right, they should eat right to get the best results. Crazy Right?! We all tend to spend so much time concentrating on working out and burning calories that we don’t stop to realize that the true driving force behind your metabolism is what you eat, how much and when. Lucky for us, there’s now a great place tells you exactly what to do. It’s all in a secret book called….. The Focus T25 Nutrition Guide!

Ok ok so maybe it’s not such a HUGE secret, but if you want to get the same results you see in those crazy amazing before/after photos in the informercials, then the Focus T25 nutrition guide needs to become your best friend  🙂


Calorie Counting …oh No!
Let’s be straight up. No body likes to count calories. I don’t. But I’m sorry to say that as much as it matters what you eat, it also matters how much you eat and how often. I’m not a nutritionist or anything, but I have helped now thousand of people get in the best shapes of their lives and I’ve found that counting calories does make a difference. Well I guess I was on the right track because the Focus T25 nutrition guide show you exactly how many calories to eat and how often. Bing, Bang, Boom!

Fast & Easy Healthy Meals
Time is obviously a problem for those that use Focus T25, hence the fact that they’re only 25 minutes long, so they made sure that the nutrition guide solves the same problem. When you Buy Focus T25, all the meals are made with only five ingredients and a five minute preparation time. That’s it! Ten minute meals! ( was there a book already called that? Sounds familiar..) So you’ve got how many calories and how often you should eat. All that’s missing is the actual meals. well of course the nutrition guide has got you handled there as well, but this time Beachbody decided to do something different.

They decided to simplify the process of figuring out what to eat to match your goals by separating all the meal into two categories. The two categories are “Carb” and “Protein.” The “Carb” meal are for those that want to lose a lot of weight fast. The nutrition guide says ” A diet higher in protein can promote fat loss if you have a substantial amount of fat to burn.” The second category is “Protein.” This is for those that try trying to lose only a few pounds. It says ” Make sure you have all the energy Focus T25 workouts require so you can avoid a plateau. There are recipes in the focus T25 nutrition guide for both categories that are quick, easy and super yummy all while keeping you on track to reach your goals.

Working out builds the muscle while your nutrition sheds the fat so you can show them off. 🙂

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  1. You have your CARB and PROTEIN meals listed backwards in the bottom portion. You say CARB and then talk about protein meals and then say PROTEIN when talking about carb energy meals…Just saying…

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