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Are you preparing to start your 90-day journey of the P90X Workout system? Get ready to do something like you have never done before. Whether you are already an athlete or your 6-pack consists of your favorite beverage, it does not matter. Read this page and prepare yourself for an unimaginable journey with P90X.

Before you Buy P90X though, make sure to find out all the important details about this at home workout program; Including the P90X Workout Schedule and Where toBuy P90X


The P90X Workout System

The P90X Workout Program Is The Most Complete Program I Have Ever Completed At Home. Where The Shaun T Insanity Is The Most Intense; P90X Is The Most Balanced. Basically, The P90X Has 12 DVD Routines Ranging From Weight Lifting To Yoga. These DVD’s Are Schedule In 3 Phases Roughly A Month Each. You Will Need Some Extra Equipment before You Start So Watch The Following Video Before You Go Any Further…




Why Is The P90X Workout So Effective?

The Philosophy Behind The P90X Workout Is Confusion… Confused? Well Don’t Worry, I Don’t Mean Brain Confusion! Tony Horton, The Creator Of The P90X Workout Program Uses ‘Muscle Confusion’ To Constantly Challenge Your Various Muscles Groups Over 90-days, In Combination With A Full 3-Phase Nutrition Guide To Keep Your Body In A Continuous Growth Process.


The Idea Behind Muscle Confusion Is Exactly As It Sounds. To Confuse Your Muscles So They Never Reach That ‘Plateau’ Where They Just Stop Responding. Basically, P90X Never Really Gets ‘Easier’ Though The Initial Pain From Week 1-2 Will Start To Lesson As You Continue To Push Forward.

Before You Even Consider Starting The P90X Workout Program You Should Definitely Watch My Personal Warning To Any New Comers Of P90X. I’ve Been There, Done That And I Learned The Hard & VERY Painful Lesson. Don’t Be That Person!

Must Watch P90X Workout Warning!


Here’s How To Buy Your Official Copy Of P90X

Step 1: Go directly to the Official Team Beachbody Store by CLICKING HERE

Step 2: Either on the Right Hand Side or on the Bottom of the Page Click “Add to Cart” and then “Check Out”.

Step 2.5: Or, use the left hand navigation to continue shopping if you would like to add other accessories and supplements to combine shipping.

Some other items I recommend when you Buy P90X are:

Step 3: After Clicking “Check Out” you will be directed to create an account. Fill in the form to create your Free Official Team Beachbody Account which will also set you up with an official Team Beachbody Coach.

When you order more items at once you will get combined shipping so you can save some money! Of course if you just want to Buy P90X that’s more than OK too. Prevent yourself from be a victim of fraud and buy your P90X from the Only Official Team Beachbody Store!



I recommend the this workout program to anyone who thinks they can handle it. P90X does work, there is no question there; the real question is, do YOU work? If you have a bullet proof resolve and the strength to show up every day then P90X is for you


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