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How I Became A Successful Beachbody Coach In 5 Steps

Being unhealthy and unhappy just plain sucks! That’s why so many people (including myself) turn towards finding a deeper meaning in life and begin creating a new path through passion. I am about to let you in on, what I feel, are the top 5 things that have helped me create success over the last 2 years.

But before I do I need you to understand something. Nothing happens over night and you DO have the ability to influence the results in your life (you are not a victim).

I’ve been able to create things in my life recently that I could only dream of a couple years ago. You may notice that while I am sharing how I have created success as a Team Beachbody Coach that these principles apply to ANYTHING in life. Beachbody Coaching may not be your thing but these philosophies can help you in anything that you do.

1. Just Doing

The #1 reason I have been able to have success in Beachbody is because I strive to live a good life, I want to help others succeed, and im willing to DO what it takes. I often don’t exactly know what I am doing but I just start doing and begin to gain knowledge, through the knowledge I apply action and gain experience.

I just did my first Youtube video and kept going, I just went out and started a blog, I just did (and man have I made failures). But by doing I have gained experience to share.

2. Consistent Action

The success you have (or do not have) is entirely do to your reactions and actions to the situations in your life and in your perceptions. If you believe you are a failure, you will only see failure; if you believe you are a success (even if you’re not there yet), you will find success (but only if you continue to believe).

You must keep showing up. You cannot talk to one person about your business and suddenly expect a retirement. I started with 1 video on Youtube and after 2 years I now have roughly 250. Through small daily actions you will achieve big growth!

3. Passion

I have a deep passion for life, health, and fitness. I have continued to seek knowledge and then apply through doing to gain experience. I am in no way nor do I claim to be a fitness expert or nutritionist, I am simply someone who keeps a conscious awareness of my health.

I did not become Beachbody Coaching, Beachbody Coaching became part of me! Don’t join something for the money, select the business that can become YOU because it is your true passion.

4. Having a Plan

I don’t in any way claim to be organized to any sense of the definition but I do create a plan I KNOW I can follow. Creating a list with 5 things a day I NEED to accomplish has been the best way for me. These things involve what I call “money time” because these actions move my business forward.

Several of these actions may be following up with a prospect, creating  a new video, and creating a new blog post to share this video with others.

5. Setting Goals

If you’re not setting goals to constantly stretch just a little beyond your comfort zone you’re not building a business. You are simply maintaining a life style. You must set real life tangible goals.

I always like to aim for a couple small goals (like stepping stones) and also a couple seemingly impossible goals.

When I started as a Team Beachbody Coach I didn’t have a plan yet but I had goals. A goal that seemed so motivating but yet so impossible was matching my income as a server and quitting my job to have ultimate time freedom. I set the goal, I created a plan, I followed it with consistent action, and a year later I quit my job.

Will this happen for you when you become a Beachbody Coach? Honestly, I really don’t know. I cannot give you the passion, I cannot make you show up consistently, and I cannot set your goals. But if you are willing to believe in something, if one of Beachbody’s products changed (or is currently changing) your life then you have a story. And I bet you have passion.

Anything is possible when you believe anything is possible.

My call to action for you is simple.

Do NOT become a Beachbody Coach yet. Before you jump head first and find the water way deeper than you expected visit http://www.myfitnesscoachbiz.com and uncover the truth behind building this business.

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