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How To Lose Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat Secret #1:

Interval Training

It’s seems sometimes that no matter how much weight you lose, the belly seems to stick around! So how to lose belly fat?! Well it’s actually a combination of things, but don’t worry because I’m gonna go over them starting with your exercise. Yea I said it. You need to exercise! There are however certain types of exercises that BLAST the belly fat away! It’s called interval training. Basically it’s a style of exercise where you peek your heart rate a couple minutes and then you rest for thirty. Then peek again and rest for thirty. This push and rest type method gets your heart rate to recover faster, speeds up your agility and more importantly is a key factor in how to lose belly fat. Your metabolism is in some ways turbo charged from this style of exercise and in response Turns Up the gage on your metabolism so you get to see that fat drip off! Much interval training is also core related. This is simply a bonus when adjusting how to lose belly fat. You’re toning your belly to get that lean sculpted look you’ve been wanting. I personally have found that Turbo Fire’s HIIT workouts ( HIIT= High Intensity Training) and INSANITY workouts get the best results the quickest from my clients wanting to focus on how to lose belly fat.

How To Lose Belly Fat Secret #2

Micro Meals

The amount of food that your body can digest and use at one time is very small! It’s through micro meals that you can gain control of how to lose belly fat. You need to eat 5-6 small meals a day. These shouldn’t be any bigger than the size of your two fists put together. But that’s so SMALL! I know I know, but you have to realize you’ll be eating again in about 3 hours! With micro meals you’re basically telling your body that it can burn off this food, because you’ll be eating again very soon unlike eating three, sometimes only TWO, meals a day where your telling your body to store all it can, because you don’t know when it will eat next! Guess where all the stored food goes….yep right to your belly! I know figuring out what to eat at first glanse may seem like a massive time consuming responsibility so you can master how to lose belly fat, but these meals can be very simple. It can be as easy as 8 almonds, a string cheese, 1 oz turkey jerky, cottage cheese w/blueberries, or a quick blended Shakeology…. the chocolate flavor is my personal fav! It’s gets rid of my pesky cravings while making me feel satisfied but not poochy full! Though I must admit I don’t plan my own meals. I don’t have time! I simply use the Meal Planner, print out the shopping list and go on with my day no longer worry if what I’m eating will help me with how to lose belly fat. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

How To Lose Belly Fat 1

How To Lose Belly Fat 1

How To Lose Belly Fat Secret #3


The amount you eat is a key step in how to lose belly fat, but WHAT you eat is just as important! You can’t go all day eating french fries every 3 hours wondering… why am i not losing weight?! Well I mean you could, but I think the answer is pretty obvious! The easiest way to describe what you should eat is with a few basics. To state the obvious don’t eat white carbs, sugar, chocolate, soda, candies, fast foods, packaged pastries, alcohol…the list goes on. But I think you already knew this. And yet you still reach for the late night chocolate ice-cream or cookie! I know my cravings at night were out of control till I started drinking Shakeology. I love to have the chocolate shake at night to control hungers and keep my day ending right on track. ( Click HERE for more info about Shakeology. ) So in general when eating your micro meals the trick to knowing how to lose belly fat is to focus on lean protein and veggies. Try focusing on the protein source in your meals like tofu, beans, chicken breast, turkey and then fill in the blanks with veggies. Swap put your french fries with grilled veggies or your full fat beef burger with a turkey burger. One of my favorites is making a pasta without the pasta! huh? Just adding a ton of veggies and spicy turkey sausage to a pasta sauce and pour it over steamed eggplant. YUM! This simple tip will keep you on track even when eating out. Just ask for substitutions like “dry grilled” or “steamed” to make sure they don’t soak it in oil or butter. So whether your cooking your meals or eating out, now you know the foundation of how to lose belly fat and finally fit into those skinny jeans comfortably!

These tips are WORTHLESS…….. if you do nothing with them!

Now stop complaining about your belly and do something about!

No more pulling your pants up over your pooch every couple minutes.

No more crying in the dressing room.

No more one piece bathing suit, it’s time for you to wear a bikini!

Follow my tips, take ACTION and comment blow with your questions and progress. I love to hear your success stories!

How To Lose Belly Fat

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How To Lose Belly Fat

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