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How To Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight Fast

As I’ve spent time working with my clients helping them learn how to lose weight fast I have noticed there are three main ingredients to this recipe. You may be trying to look slim for an upcoming class reunion, the summer bikini season or my favorite the “revenge” slim down ( think ex boyfriend). Whatever you reason is, these three secrets are going to give you the power to BURN FAT FAST! With your new sexy bod you’ll be strutting your stuff in no time. And it’s all from these 3 secrets. But first you’ll need a strong reason why. Without a powerful reason “why” there’s no point in you reading on about how to lose weight fast!

uh what’s a reason why?

Well I’m glad you asked! When it comes to the secrets of how to lose weight fast your reason “why” can be considered your foundation. Just ask yourself one question: “Why do I want to lose weight?” Now this answer may take some thinking. You want this “why” to be strong like bull! I often compare it to a burning building with your children inside. Everyone is telling you the building is on fire. Don’t go in there or you could die!…but you race in anyways to save your children. There is no option for you. You MUST save your kids! …..THIS is how strong your “why” needs to be. Strong enough to say no to the foods you “love” and powerful enough to make you cry when you think about it and how to lose weight fast. For example: ” I want to lose 40 pounds” is a “goal” not a reason “why.”  ” I need to lose 40 pounds so I stop crying in the dressing rooms, and can feel proud of what I look like when I put on my jeans, and know that people are looking at me and not my belly and so I am a positive example for my children.” Now THAT’S a reason “why.” So dig DEEP! Start asking yourself the questions that you haven’t wanted to look at for a long time. Find that reason “why” and then move on to my Secret #1. Only after that can you be ready to use the secrets I’m giving you on how to lose weight fast.


Secret #1 – How To Lose Weight Fast

You Are What You Eat!


detox diet

Detox Diet

So hopefully after reading that you’re not saying “ oh no! Does that mean I’m a donut?” Hah! Technically no, but keep eating donuts and who knows! 🙂 What you eat is a HUGE factor in how to lose weight fast! In many studies they show that 85% of your results come from your eating habits. If you had to choose to eat healthy OR workout, then eating healthy would be the right choice. Pretty crazy right?! We put so much focus on how to workout, but when it comes to eating we tend to fail miserably! I suggest getting a MEAL GUIDE to help you build those healthy eating habits at first. I could tell you the basics of eating healthy: veggies, no salt, no sugar, limit grain and so on, but the reality is if you don’t have any recipes or ideas of what to make from that then all you end up with is a fridge full of fruits and veggies and no plan. We all know where that ends up…after a few days of salads you scream, throw the bowl and order a pizza! With the MEAL GUIDE you’re able to get meals planned out for you! They’re tailored to what foods you needs in regards to your personal goals and stats. Now I’m not saying to get the meal guide forever! But at least after 30-60 days you’ll have a strong idea of what meals to reach for. With eating these small meals 5-6 times a day you are fueling your body like a fat burning machine! Burn Burn BUUUURN!! So when you go to sleep your body keeps on burning. That’s how to lose weight fast for sure!

Now if you’re REALLY on a time crunch and NEED to know how to lose weight fast then listen up! I’m about to tell you how I lost 18 pounds in 21 days! Yes it true! Just look at the pic! It’s a detox diet called the 21 Day Ultimate Reset. This is magic in a box! Or more like food bootcamp hah! The Ultimate Reset will restart your metabolism from the ground up and then fuel it like a fat burning furnace! You’ll clean out your body from the inside out and reap the benefits in not only pounds lost, but in energy and just all around amazing health! WARNING! This option is only good for those 100% serious on how to lose weight fast! It will be very specific about not only what to eat, but also, when to eat and how much. But follow this program and you will know how to lose weight fast… you can almost guarantee the pounds will come flying off!


Secret #2 – How To Lose Weight Fast

Get Your Sweat On!


Working out burns calories and the more calories gone, the thinner you become. So why are you so confused about how to lose weight fast?  Well the answer is simple. You need to find the workout that burns the MOST calories. You see different workouts burn different amounts of calories. You can walk 3 miles, but you aren’t going to burn as many calories as you would jogging 3 miles. So picking a workout that can burn the most amount of calories is your best solution. But here comes the curve ball! You need to change your workouts often. …WHAT?! ….Yep it’s true! See your body is this amazing machine that learns to adapt to it’s environment to survive. When you do your 3 mile jog the first time you may burn a ton of calories because your body hadn’t used those muscles in a while, but after the fifth time jogging it you notice your stride improves and by the tenth time you have to jog longer just to break a sweat! That’s because your body has adapted to that specific workout and  no longer has to work  hard. The problem is with your body not working so hard it now doesn’t burn as many calories! Boooo! So to keep your body confused and working hard you need to change your workouts! I suggest 3-4 days of cardio and 2 days of resistance training. With a switch up of cardio and weights you’re on the right path to perfecting how to lose weight fast. If you want to really step it up to perfect how to lose weight fast then get a workout program. These programs come with 10-16 different workouts so your body NEVER adapts and you just keep on burning those calories away!

==> Click Here to see your workout options. <==

Workout Programs

Workout Programs


Secret #3 – How To Lose Weight Fast

It’s A Group Thang!

Getting motivated to know how to lose weight fast is one thing, but STAYING motivated is whole other beast! We’ve all done it before. You claim today you’re going to start. You start working out and eating clean and things are going great! Someone offers you a slice of pizza, but you decline. You’ve got goals. But then on friday you go out to dinner with friends and they tell you to “live a little” and since you’ve been good all week one little slice of cake won’t hurt. And since you had that cake you might as well have a glass of wine to go with it. Or two. The next day you sleep in and don’t feel like working out. Well hey you can just start on monday! SO you might as well eat everything in sight since you’re going to start again this monday right?! Monday comes and you didn’t go grocery shopping yet so you decide you’ll start tomorrow……see where I’m going?

With the right motivation and support you could have stopped it at one slice of cake and maybe let a couple pounds by monday. So where can you find support? Well you can get a few ways. The most common is finding a success partner. This is a partner that wants to lose weight too. You workout together, talk about recipes and support each other. CAUTION:  make sure that your success partner is as committed to lose weight as you are! That last thing you need is for you partner to quit! That would  most likely make you do the same!

Sadly I found this to happen more often than not with my clients. They would find a friend or co-worker that wanted to know how to lose weight fast and join them in their journey, but within a few weeks they would fall off track and so would my client right along with them. That’s why I created Challenge Groups. It’s like having a success partner that you KNOW will not quit! Why can I guarantee they they won’t quit?! Because that success partner is ME! I’ve been eating healthy and working out for over 2 years now and I don’t plan on going back! In this challenge group I’ll take all the guess work out of figuring out how to lose weight fast! You’ll be taught what to eat and how to exercise so you can get that slim bikini body in no time! PLUS you’ll be held accountable. Not only do I check in with you daily online, but you also have a group of 5 other members starting on the same day as you, motivating each other as a team to succeed! That’s really everything that you could need to hit your goals and fully STAY on track with how to lose weight fast!

==> Click HERE to learn more about challenge groups <==

Challenge Groups

Challenge Groups

Stop looking and start TAKING ACTION! Get sexy for that upcoming wedding! Look smokin hot the next time you run into your ex!

How long have you been wanting to do something about your weight, yet you find yourself months later still complaining about the same thing? WHat’s stopping you?! You’re the only person standing in the way of your amazing body! You can either STEP UP and join my Challenge Group or Cleanse…or you can wait till next month and be right were you are today…UNHAPPY!

In 3 months from now you’ll have wished you had started TODAY! Take action NOW! Click the link below..

Challenge Group

Challenge Group

21 Day Ultimate Reset

21 Day Ultimate Reset













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