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Insanity Day 51 Progress


Insanity Day 51:
Wow I seriously didn’t want to workout today yet again! I think I might be getting tired of the workout. Glad ill be switching to Focus T25 at the end of this month! It seriously couldn’t have come at a better time!

It’s been hard getting back on team after falling off the wagon for two days. I know it may shock you but I actually always struggle with working out. I guess I’m the type that would be happy if I didn’t have to! Hah! But as much as I dislike working out….I dislike the way I look right now even more! I’m just so close to getting back my original weight! Soooo close!

So I keep on keeping on! I hope your doing great with your workouts. Just know that I’m always here rooting you on….especially on the days you don’t want to workout!

Coach Audrey McDonald

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  1. Audrey how can I get you to be my coach.

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