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Insanity Workout Calendar – Download Here & Stay On Track!

Insanity Workout Calendar

Insanity Workout Calendar

Insanity Workout Calendar

Stay On Track!

Insanity is truly one of the hardest workout programs ever put on DVD! It will blow any other workout out of the water! With your insanity workout calendar you will know exactly what insane workout you have to do on which day to keep your workouts as simple as possible. Just pop in the designated DVD and push play. No thinking needed! It’s time for you to Dig Deeper and push your body to the absolutle maximum! You’ll push past old limits that you never knew you could and come out in a pool of sweat and BIG smile on your face! With interval training you propel your cardio level to heights like never before! But dont worry because with the insanity workout calendar everything is all planned out. You dont have to worry about what workout you need to do for what body part. It has already been professionally planned out! …..I’d consider this to be right up there in intensity as a Gnarly Intense spin class! You know the kind where you almost throw up after, but you feel like a million bucks when you flex, or when your skinny jeans start to become too big! (Gotta love that feeling!) With this bootcamp style workout you’ll follow the insanity workout calendar as your yellow brick road to RESULTS!


Besides the Insanity Workout Calendar Here’s What You Need…

Besides the insanity workout calendar there really isnt a whole lot that you need for this workout. You use your OWN body weight as resistance so free weights or resistance bands are really not needed. Pretty awesome right?! But as I have finished going through the insanity workout calendar I did notice that there were a few items that would make things just a little more comfortable. When doing the stretches, if youre not very flexible, then a yoga block would help to make your reach a little bit easier. As well as a plyometric matt is important to have if you have a hard surface to workout on like tile or concrete. The matt will cushion your landing so your knee and ankles dont take all the impact. Also having the right shoes is very important. It can mean the difference between getting through a workout and NOT! You’ll want to have plyometric shoes too. Unlike running shoes, that are designed for forward movement only, the plyo shoes are designed for jumping and more side to side movement. These are the movements that you’ll be doing as you go through your insanity workout calendar and start checking off the days accomplished.

This workout comes with everything else you need including the insanity workout calendar

Insanity Workout Calendar

Insanity Workout Calendar

So besides the insanity workout calendar , what does Insanity come with? Well starting with your fitness, insanity comes with TEN different insane workouts. That means that almost each day of the week you are doing a different workout to force your body to adapt and react..aka you get fit FAST! You get a fitness guide that goes over the form of the workouts helping prevent injury and maximise your results. But fitness isn’t ALL you need to change to change your body. You also need to clean up your nutrition. No worries cause Insanity comes with an Elite Nutrition Guide to help clean up your food and get your body fully FUELED to push your workouts to the limits. With the proper nutrition your body then has the building blocks to create the lean muscular body you want without bulk and all the while turbo charging your metabolism. Bye bye Fat! So you’ve got your fitness and nutrition basics down but what about keeping that motivation to push through each workout continuing through it? Got ya covered again! When you purchase Insanity you are given online support and message boards with others working out too. But more than anything you get a Free Coach.. ME! When you Buy Insanity through my link I am automatically assigned as your coach. Now you’ve got me here to to support you through the whole journey every step of the way and I can tell you from personal experience with this program you will NEED that extra support to keep pushing play every day. This workout program, the insanity workout calendar and all the extra support you get will make sure you the results you have been wanting!



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