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Insanity Workout Results Day 30 Pictures & LIVE Review

Insanity Workout Results

Day 1/ Day 30 Results

Insanity Workout Results – Day 30

So here they are! My Insanity workout results for days 1-30! This has seriously been a LONG road for me! I truly feel like this past year has been the biggest struggle for me to lose weight than ever before! Actually almost so hard of a struggle that I considered not even sharing my results! Can you believe it! Even I am embarrassed to show myself and admit when I’m not happy. I truthfully didn’t come to the decision to show them until after my crying fit to my boyfriend! I just felt like CRAP! I had worked so fricken hard and THIS was all I had to show for it?! I had lost weight before and it was so much easier, but now for some reason it just doesn’t want to come off! It’s just been an uphill battle of trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong…but with each time that I get disappointed with my results I can at least say I have found one more way that DOESN’t work and that gets me one step closer to finding out what DOES! 

So I guess I should start with how the heck I gained all this weight in the first place right?! Next month it will be one year since this whole thing started. I was in great shape! I was working out everyday, eating clean and fitting into my size 6 pants with pride! …that is unless I turned my whole world upside down in a matter of days!! Long story short: I left my unhappy relationship of 6 years, my house and all my friends and decided to move to Northern California to start all over! I, being now newly single for once, went on a partying spree of drinking and eating late without working out. IT WAS A BLAST! Then I met my now boyfriend and calmed down, but continued to eat out a LOT and not exercise. To top it off I turned 30 and went on birth control for the first time in my life. Before I knew it I was wearing a size TEN! I had gained FOUR dress sizes in less than a year!

That January I decided to do the 21 Day Ultimate Reset to get my body BACK!..and it Worked! I lot 18 pounds in 21 days! But the weird thing was that I was still so far away from my goal! I went immediately into working out again and cleaned up my eating, but it seemed like no more weight would come off! I would workout harder and harder and still nothing!

So over the past thirty days I decided that I would put myself into the SAME Challenge Groups that I put my clients into. It had ALWAYS worked for them so why wouldn’t it work for ME?! Right?! …YEP! 

Insanity Month 2, Week One Diary:

The past 30 days have been HARD! I really had to clean up my eating and push more than ever in my Insanity workouts. Now I must admit. I not totally happy with the results. I wanted more! But slow progress is still PROGRESS. And besides what choice do I have? It’s either eat healthy and workout to see the weight come off OR eat like crap to feel like crap and look worse with time! …uh I’ll pick the first one!

Look. I’m not perfect. I get disappointed. I mess up. I get frustrated. But I keep pushing forward. I believe in this program. It works for ALL my clients and the reality is it is WORKING for me too. I may not have a four pack and I may not fit into my size 6 jeans…YET! Someday soon it will happen! I CHOOSE to not give up!….what about you?




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