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Motivation Station

Sitting with the stunning view from my new backyard in my new house in a new town I have found it hard to get the motivation I once had to work and workout. My goals over the past year was to become financially free and fit into my two piece bikini again. Well 11 months later: Mission Accomplished! ….now what? I feel very satisfied with where my life is right now. Fast forward two weeks and I’m still sitting here twiddling my thumbs. What motivates you when YOU no longer feel like you NEED anything. Yes I have wants but not that original need. So I sat and thought. And thought. Had a little more wine and thought some more. Then it hit me! Wham!! ( like the sound effects?!)

It’s no longer about ME it’s about YOU! I needed a “you” to push forward for. I needed a charity! I grabbed my computer and started typing into google different charities. I knew I was always inspired by music and it had to have something to do with fitness & nutrition. What an odd combo right?! But I found it!

Grind Out Hunger is a local Santa Cruz charity that raises funds to feed malnourished and hungry children by throwing fundraiser events such as concerts! Perfect! You see many kids are on food programs through schools during the school season but during the summer there is no school and these kids have trouble. Not only does Grind Out Hunger raise money to feed them but they also teach kids about nutrition, cooking and what food choices to make! This is the perfect marriage for me!

I sent them an email offering my time and talents and can’t wait to hear back. Should I make the decision to work with them I will not only donate my time but I will also donate 10% of my commission to their cause. This is the motivation I needed. The motivation to help feed hungry local children.

What motivates you? What gets you up out of bed every morning? Is it money driven so you can buy a bigger house, so you can get the vacation to Hawaii you wanted, so you can fit into your skinny jeans? What’s happens when you get all those things? Then what?


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