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Nutrition: The 3 Building Blocks

Your body is a machine, a complex and organic machine, but a machine non-the-less. Sadly, in the world today food has taken on an image of satisfying your taste buds but not necessarily your body. Do you think our bodies are built to use all those random and crazy chemicals in most processed foods? NO! You need to stop looking at food in its outward appearance and start looking at it for what it really is… Energy!

The 3 building blocks:
Carbohydrates: The energy
Carbs are NOT the enemy! There are many fad diets out there that will tell you to cut carbs out almost entirely. This can‟t be more wrong! It‟s not about cutting out or drastically reducing, it‟s about balancing and using appropriately for what a carb IS!
So what is a Carbohydrate? It is the purest and most direct energy of the 3 building blocks, in its basic form, a carb is glucose. Carbs feed everything in your body. They are like the gasoline you put in your car to keep it running. Your body can easily take a carb and use it as a direct source of energy to push you through your day. Carbs don‟t just help your workouts, they help your mood, your thinking, the energy you have to walk and talk, they are invaluable to your daily life! When you workout, especially during strenuous activities, carbs are burned (converted) before anything else, directly into usable energy for your muscles. When the carbs from your daily intake of food are depleted, your body takes stored carbs from your muscles and liver, known as glycogen. When you eat a balanced meal with carbs after your work out, you replenish your energy stores and fill up your blood with this direct energy. Carbs help you recover and plow on head first through the day. Basically, carbs are the energy.

Proteins: The Builders
As carbs power your direct energy, proteins can be used for energy but not nearly as efficiently as carbs. So what is protein for if it‟s not a direct energy? Well, remember how we talked about breaking down the body to rebuild it? Proteins come in directly in the process of rebuilding and restructuring your body! In a simple form, a protein is an amino acid. There are 20 amino acids and approx. 9-11 of them are essential (essential through diet because your body cannot make them on its own). Out of the 9-11 essential amino acids, your body can create any of the other amino acids it needs for whatever chemical process it is working with. Your body is constantly creating, breaking down, and converting various chemicals to promote a constant state of health and rejuvenation. Proteins are a necessary component to this process. Basically, proteins are the builders.

Fats: Brain Food
Fats are another form of energy. Unused Carbs and Proteins in your diet may be converted into fats. So let‟s talk about why a body gets fat? Not enough using the body and to many carbs/ proteins plus direct fats from your diet. Fat is stored energy, and ultimately fat is what excess calories become when you are not thinking in terms of “energy‟ but rather eating in terms of your taste buds. Balance your carbs and proteins, challenge your body by working out consistently and BAM the stored energy will be needed and used. If you buy groceries each week then think about fat as the groceries you store in the cupboards. Remember, food is simply energy and its components are used for various functions to help your body live.

Since food is energy, the food in your cupboards is potential energy, meaning you can consume it to fuel the body. Fat is like your internal cupboard of groceries. Your body has more energy than it needs and so it begins storing for a future time when it may need it. You think starving will melt away all that stored energy? WRONG! You are better to eat 5-6 meals a day, balanced with carbs/ proteins/ fats, than you are to eat 1-3 highly reduced meals. You see, all your body knows is what you tell it through the signals you give. When you signal your body that it‟s going to get a reduced intake of energy it begins to prepare for a future of little energy. So you don‟t burn fat, your body begins eating the energy out of your muscles as well as your fat stores, and as you eat, the body is worried it may not get more energy for awhile so rather than efficiently using what you gave it, it hoards the energy as fat! Fat burns better when you combine it with carbs/proteins, not when you deprive it. So why eat fat? Well, because you need it!
Polyunsatured, monounsatured, and even saturated fats have their purpose and, when you eat the 3 building blocks in balance, fats will not be stored but converted and used.
Fats are necessary! They cushion your organs and protect you, they power your brain functions, and they give you life. Heck, fatty acids like Omega-3 and 6 are downright necessary for optimal functions of your brain. What you DON‟T NEED are Trans Fats!
Trans fats, also known as partially or fully hydrogenated oils are completely unnecessary and mostly a chemical alteration of man. They are cheap to produce in mass production of processed foods and so they are used. But you don‟t need them.

Your body is a Machine. A Machine needs Energy to work efficiently. Don‟t cut out specific building blocks because you want crazy instant results. Think in terms of a life time, not a short time. There are always excuses you can make to hold yourself back.
But guess what, YOU are the only one that can hold you back. It‟s not really all that hard to get a balance of each major building block, fit into 5-6 meals, spread throughout the day. But you have the have an unbending desire to do what it takes, you must plan, and above all, you must LOVE who you are and the body you have today. Then build on it.
Finally, don‟t forget water! You are made up of approx. 70% water. Your body needs it even more as you sweat it all out. You should work your way up towards a gallon a day; sure you will pee a lot at first, but try your best anyway.

Over-all, if you really want your goals you must live a healthy life style. This isn‟t just a hobby you do on the side, your health needs to be part of every decision you make!

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