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Nutrition is such a HUGE part of health and fitness!

Think of your body as a car. You want it to run consistently and at it’s best so you change the oil, take it in for maintenance and fill it with gas. What would happen if you filled it with water not gas. It’s liquid right? Why wouldn’t it run? Uh cause its not the correct fuel duh!

But thats what most people do. They fill their bodies with fast food, sugar filled drinks and calorie rich nutrient poor food. Then they workout and wonder why they are not losing weight and getting tired. Your body needs the right fuel.

What Do I Eat???

My eating has changed as my progress of fitness has changed.

I started off just wanting to clean up my eating a bit. I would think of what I wanted to eat and then how would I change it to make it healthy.

For example if I wanted chill cheese dogs I would make it with a turkey dog, whole wheat bun and turkey chill with low fat cheese. This wasn’t perfectly healthy, but it was a whole lot better than eating Wienerschnitzel! It was a way to start looking at my food and becoming aware of what I’m eating.

I continued this way for a while. I would start off my day by drinking Shakeology so my cravings were taken care of and I knew I was getting the nutrition my body needed to start off my day right. Plus it tastes like a chocolate shake from Sonic which is awesome! The rest of the day I would eat like before, but I would change it a bit to make it healthier.

As time went on I got used to changing the ingredients in what I ate, so I knew I could clean up my eating a little more.

I began to eat five times a day which was difficult at first. I remember thinking ” this is a lot of food!!” the thought that I would gain weight by doing this came up often but I had to trust in my coach that it would help me lose more weight. He was right!

Not only did I start to lose weight, but I had tons of energy! I was eating every couple hours and my body loved it. My workouts started to improve more and more and I was able to step up the difficulty of my programs from Power 90 to P90X to Turbo Fire.

I continued this way for a few months. My body was maintaining a very healthy shape, but I eventually decided it was time to STEP IT UP!

I was ready to take my fitness and nutrition to the absolute maximum and get the ripped body I never thought I could have! I knew I needed to start intertwining more weights back into my fitness routine. Turbo Fire was a blast to do but I felt I missed the old school weight lifting of P90X. Plus I needed cardio that would kick my ass.

So Insanity/P90X Hybrid it was!

The hybrid version is alternating one day of the cardio of Insanity and then the next day with the weights of P90X. But my fitness wasn’t the only thing that needed to be stepped up.

It was time to fully control my eating.

I started off by checking what my calorie count should be each day by going to my Beachbody Meal Guide. I found that I wasn’t eating nearly enough calories. Actually about 400 calories too little! I decided to follow the guide¬†while making sure I was getting the 1650 calories I needed in my day.

The first month was HARD! I enjoyed the challenge of the workouts but the nutrition took some getting used to.

Old habits die hard sometimes and mine was the bad habit of not eating enough protein. But by the second month I had gotten the swing of things and knew what to grab from the fridge when it was time to eat.

You see most of us eat the same things over and over.

Think of what you ate last week and compare it to the week before. you will most likely find it repeats.

So once you find certain meals and snacks you enjoy that are on track with your diet then you are easily able to simply repeat it. and VOILA! New healthy habits!

So where’s the recipes???

I got my recipes from my Beachbody Meal Guide. Just click, fill out your info and it AUTOMATICALLY plans out your meals for the whole WEEK!

It even gives you a PRINTABLE SHOPPING LIST!

It seriously doesn’t get any EASIER!

Take the THINKING OUT of your eating!

Click the LINKS BELOW to get Shakeology & Meal Guide: