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Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Motivation – Top 3 Client Secrets

Weight Loss Motivation Top 3 Client Secrets To Get Motivated I’ve worked with many clients wanting to get motivated to lose weight or even STAY motivated to keep it off! Regardless the search for weight loss motivation is so common that I’ve decided to go over the Top Three places to find weight loss motivation […]

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How To Lose Belly Fat 1

Shakeology Review – The REAL Truth!

  Shakeology Review – The REAL Truth Before deciding to make a Shakeology purchase I highly suggest you to get the facts from this Shakeology Review. You’re thinking about putting this in your body. You should know what in it right?! Well we actually don’t know what’s in a TON of the things we put […]

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Salad Dressing Recipes

Salad Dressing Recipes – Miso Ginger Dressing

salad dressing recipes   Whether you eating salad to lose weight or become just plain healthy, salad dressing recipes are going to come in handy! They’re  a quick easy way to chop up some veggies, throw in lettuce and give it the dressing to spice things up a bit. The cool thing about it is […]

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detox diet

Detox Diet – What’s The Best Choice?

detox diet      ATTENTION! A detox diet may be just the thing you need to protect yourself from all the toxins out there in the world. You are constantly being bombarded by toxins like pollution in the air we breath to the pesticides and growth hormines in the food we eat. Inside and out […]

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Reading Food Labels

Reading food labels can be VERY confusing! Determining whats good and bad can be very tricky! Watching for food labels can make the difference between Fat or Fit! So here’s your quicky lesson about how to read them: 1) Theyre labled in order from the most to the least. You want to see ingredients like whole […]

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How To Drink More Water

Water is your best friend when it comes to health and fitness. It’s what keeps your muscles hydrated and flexible. It reduces bloating…yes ladies we hate that! Most people want to drink around a gallon of water a day, but if you want to be more specific then you should drink about half you body […]

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Choose the Best Workout Program

Best Workout There are TONS of workout options…so which one is right for YOU?! I always ask myself one question when Im looking for the best workout to help me decide. “Are you Excited?” If you feel that blood RUSHING, Heart pumping, can’t wait to get STARTED feel then THAT is the BEST workout program […]

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Beachbody Club Membership Benefits

My life is CRAZY! I run around with my head cut off most of the day doing fifty million things and then some! SO how do I have time to plan out my food and calendar my workouts?! I have so much to do in my day, there’s just no way I could handle taking […]

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Recipe: Greek Chicken Pitas

GREEK CHICKEN PITA’S: RATED: 8 (10 being the highest) This recipe came from the cookbook from Chalean Extreme workout program. I’m loving her recipes. I never enjoyed cooking so much until I started cooking healthy and getting out of my comfort zone of the same foods. The Pita’s were totally something different for me to cook. I […]

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