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Was Power90 the program that I first started out with? Actually no. I originally started off with P90X and failed miserably! Plain and simple I just wasn’t in good enough shape to start with an advanced program.

So fast forward 1 year later I wanted to give it another shot, but I knew I needed some help. Thats why I signed up for my free coach through beachbody. ( click HERE to get me as your free coach) My coach Jason advised me that P90X was the advanced version of Power90. P90X stands for Power90 Extreme.

Its the graduate program.

I bought Power90 with the goal to work my way up to using the P90X that I already had collecting dust on the shelf. I also started drinking Shakeology so I knew my body was getting the nutrients it needed to improve and grow.

My review of Day One Power90:

Here’s how the breakdown of Power90 ( P90) works.

There are four phases in Power90. You start with Phases 1/2 Sweat & Phase 1/2 Sculpt and alternate a sweat day with a Sculpt day. The Sweat days are pure cardio workouts. Everything is relatively low impact and at a slow pace.

For those that has trouble with anything “fancy” style with quick moves this would be the right workout for you. Its very simple and straight forward.

The Sculpt days are weight training using resistance bands. This helps to build the muscles and create the sculpted body you want. Again these moves are very slow and controlled.

Power90 Phase 3/4 Sweat and Phase 3/4 Sculpt are extremely similar to Phase 1/2, but the movements are faster, stronger and harder. Yet again it relatively the same as Phase 1/2, but just stepped up a bit.

When you feel that your body is ready to step it up that notch then you switch from Phase 1/2 to Phase 3/4. There is no set time limit that you stay on Phase 1/2 and then switch over. You’re simply just supposed to feel like you’re ready. I always suggest to my clients if they’re thinking of switching over then just do it. If it ends up being too hard they can always switch back for a bit, but at least they would know for sure.

Power90 Pros: Simple, Efficient, Great way to work up to P90X, Perfect For Beginners, Straightforward & easy To Learn Moves.

Power90 Cons: Slightly Boring, Only A Few Workout Routines, A Little Dated

In Summary: Power90 gets the job done in a simple and efficient manor. Its a no fuss way of working out. To some it may be boring and there are other programs that are much more “fancy” but for those who want to keep things simple Power90 is your program.

Here’s How To Buy Your Official Copy Of Power90

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Step 2: Either on the Right Hand Side or on the Bottom of the Page Click “Add to Cart” and then “Check Out”.

Step 3: After Clicking “Check Out” you will be directed to create an account. Fill in the form to create your Free Official Team Beachbody Account which will also set me up as your official Team Beachbody Coach.

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