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Weight Loss Motivation – Top 3 Client Secrets

Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss Motivation

Top 3 Client Secrets To Get Motivated

I’ve worked with many clients wanting to get motivated to lose weight or even STAY motivated to keep it off! Regardless the search for weight loss motivation is so common that I’ve decided to go over the Top Three places to find weight loss motivation tips and tricks. So you’re tired of feeling that jiggle on your hips when you walk. That depressed feeling when it comes time to pick out what you’re going to wear and NOTHING FITS! That feeling of being lost and just wanting that “high” of a good ole dose of motivation. Well you’re in the right place! Funny thing is that you’re actually really in the right place! Where you are right now is actually number one in my top three places for weight loss motivation.

Secret #1 – Weight Loss Motivation


Yes! Right here online on my blog is a great resource for weight loss motivation. Also there’s Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook ( ADD ME HERE), other blogs, forums… the list goes on and on. .duh Audrey I already knew that! Ok ok so yes you knew those location but here’s a little secret location that I share with my clients. It’s TeamBeachbody! At teambeachbody.com you get TONS of free resources to help you get and stay motivated! There’s message boards filled with a community of other people working out and trying to get fit just like you! Want DAILY success stories and transformations to inspire you? They got it! Every day a new story is posted along with pics and details about how that person lost sometimes as much as 100+ pounds! There’s coaches available to answer any questions you have and recipe tips to keep you eating healthy too. Plus they post success videos so you can SEE people and their transformation journeys to give you the weight loss motivation BOOST you want! ( want your FREE account? –>CLICK HERE<– )  Speaking of videos…here’s MY YOUTUBE video to help motivate you right NOW!

Weight Loss Motivation Video:

Secret #2 – Weight Loss Motivation

Get New Friends!

You are a direct replica of your five closest people in your life. It can be your boyfriend, wife, best friends, sister, co-worker… they are the ones that influence you the most and when looking for weight loss motivation you’ll need them in your ring and not on the outside booing! Just think about it…what qualities do they have that you have the same? DO you dress the same, laugh the same, think the same? So wouldn’t it make sense that you would act the same? But what if you want to lose weight and get healthy and they DON’T?! Get rid of them!…ok no not really, though that sometimes ends of being the best solution for certain people. But if you don’t  want to get new friends, then it’s time for you to talk to them. Don’t shout at them. “I’M DOING THIS AND YOU’RE GONNA LIKE IT!” Sorry, but that tends to get rid of them just as much. Instead try talking with them. Have a heart to heart. Set a time aside in a day and sit down. Start off by telling them how important they are in your life and the ways they have positively influenced you. Then tell them what your goals are and WHY you want to reach them. Explain how you currently don’t like how you feel and what you want to change about it.* Now listen up cause THIS is the most important part to get weight loss motivation ….ask for their support in a SPECIFIC way. It may be to have them ask you everyday/week how your progress is going, or telling you you’re doing a great job!, or just as simple as a hug on bad days. It’s up to you to decide what you need from them to support you. The funny thing is often times once you have this heart to heart they will end up admitting that they TOO want to lose weight! I’m telling you that happens more often then you think! Now you’ve got the weight loss motivation from your friends and family, plus you just might want to invite them to join you in my next secret…

weight loss motivation 2

Secret #3 – Weight Loss Motivation

Challenge Groups

So how do you get ALL these weight loss motivation location wrapped into one neat little package? It’s time to unveil the Motha Of ALL Motivation….drum roll please… Challenge Groups! As a coach I knew that all elements of Fitness, Nutrition and Motivation have to come together in order for my clients to lose weight and KEEP it off! So challenge groups were created. These are SMALL groups of my personal clients who want to lose weight, get in shape and get healthy again. They each get one on one coaching from me, but they also become a “family”  with their teams as they all struggle and push through together. Each challenger is taught how to workout, what to eat and how to stay motivated within their group. They’re given a “road map” and all they have to do is follow the steps and VOILA the weight comes FLYING OFF! For my clients that are fully ready to step up and take charge of their health and fitness and to reach those goals they’ve been struggling to get to for so long, THIS is the solution! Remember how I said that your friends and family will admit that they want to get in shape too? Now you can invite them to go on this challenge with you! Talk about some major weight loss motivation for you! Not only do you have the support online, with your challenge group, and from me as your coach, but you also get the weight loss motivation TURBO CHARGED from your family and friends joining you!

You’ve looked for weight loss motivation on your own long enough! Are you ready to finally step up and take ACTION?!

Ready to feel great about how you look and feel?

Ready to be that role model to your friends, your family, to your kids?!

Want to get that feeling of strength and SUCCESS as you have your path perfectly laid out for you to reach your goals?!

Want to have a personal coach that ROCKS ( me!) to coach you through it every step of the way?!

Then Step up right now and TAKE CONTROL of what you do with your life! You deserve the best. I KNOW you can achieve it! I believe in YOU!

weight loss motivation 3

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