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What’s Keeping Me FAT?!



Well all know the KEY to losing weight and staying healthy. We’ve heard it a million times:


But if it’s sooo easy then WHY AM I STILL FAT?! There’s actually a muscle that you’re forgetting to exercise. With this ONE MUSCLE you will easily lose weight, stay fit and be healthy the rest of your life! What is this muscle?!


We are so affected by the way we think that it changes our actions and with those actions create results. Basically they way you THINK is the way you REACT. You can learn how to eat clean and what is the best exercise for you. But without the thought process that is constanly telling yourself that you CAN then eventually …you wont 🙁


1) Start your day with positive affirmations. Tell yourself things like ” I am beautiful” , ” I am getting stronger”, “Today is going to be amazing”

2) When you are influenced by others to steer off track, simply tell them what your goals are and how it makes you feel. I know this sounds cheesy but sometimes the best way to see change in your inner circles is first by letting them know that you actually want a change in the first place! Say things like ” Thanks for offering me a margarita, but I’ve been working hard on ( insert your goals) and a margarita would make me feel bad for moving off track. How about a soda water with lime instead?” or ” I’ll pass on the cake. Im still pretty full from dinner, but thanks!”

Remember this is a LIFE CHANGE and not an OVERNIGHT CHANGE. It will take time but you’re getting closer with every step!




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